The heavy rainfall has forced several roads to close all over the Hudson Valley.

Many towns and cities in the Hudson Valley have declared a state of emergency.  It would be wise to stay off the road ways if you can avoid it. Many have adjusted and learn to work from home over the past year.

If your job duties o require you to travel this morning then here's what you may be up against.

At the time of this posting; here some major road closures that may cause a delay in your morning commute.

East Fishkill

82 is closed on both directions north of Taconic State Parkway and 2 lanes are blocked between Beaver Rd & Emans Rd.

Blooming Grove

Flooding and Road Closure on NY 208 in both directions south of Round Hill Road.


Flooding and Road Closure on NY 17M in both directions between South St and Duck Farm Road.

Peasant Valley

There's reportedly a tree Down and downed wires on US 44 in both directions area of Town of Pleasant Valley.


Downed tree and road closure on NY 52 both directions south of I-84.

Red Hook

Downed tree and downed wires on NY 9G both directions north of Town of Red Hook.


Flooding and road closure reported on US 9W both directions at Mahoney Road.


Downed wires reported on NY 403 both directions between Start Route.

We'll update if we hear of any more. If you have any to report feel free to let us know through our free app.

Drive safe.

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