Looking for a new place to rent? As a newcomer to the Hudson Valley I've recently spent a lot  of time apartment hunting. Let me tell you that every second I have spent is a second I wish I had back. There are a few hacks that can help get you through the torture of finding a new dwelling.

According to the site, Sparefoot, whether you need an apartment for the first time or maybe you're like me here are a few tips from the experts on how save some cash during the search.

Don't be so damn picky. You're aren't buying it and you're not building the place yourself so odds are that it won't meet all of you're expectations. If you're flexible about the area or the size of the place you could get a good deal.

Did you know that if you sign a long term lease at full price some land lords will negotiate certain bonuses like included utilities such as cable, internet or water.

Always look for new construction. This is because the landlords or brokers have more wiggle room when the entire building is up for grabs.

If you're currently looking for a place in the Hudson Valley try to use some of these tips. If you have anymore that have helped you save money in the past feel free to let us know.