It is pretty likely that with the downturn in temperatures last week in the Hudson Valley, you needed to break down and turn the heat on. Do you wait until the last possible moment to do so? Are you like me and refuse to turn it up past 62 or 63 degrees?

The reason that we are talking about this today is that over the weekend a photo that a mom in Michigan posted to her facebook page, went viral. The note was directed to her kids, who might have been complaining about the lack of heat in their home.

Here is a look at the Mom's note:

Autumn Brandon, Via Facebook
Autumn Brandon, Via Facebook

This note, got me thinking. When I was younger, my dad, would tell us to put socks on if we were cold. If we already had socks on, we would be instructed to put on a second pair, a sweatshirt and sweatpants. One year for Christmas, my sisters and I all got these weird blanket contraptions (pre-Snuggie) that we were to wear in the family room while we were watching TV.

When talking with Cindy, our traffic person, she said that she was happy when her parents got a fire place, because after that, she would just spend her time near that and never worried about heat again.

  • Laurie, called in to say that her parents would make her use an electric heating pad to warm up her bed when it was really cold at night. (She admitted that she also will do this now, to make her bed warm and toasty).
  • Jacki, texted in to say that her parents would build a fire in the living room fireplace and the entire family would get to 'camp' out in the winter. Blanket forts all the way!
  • Eric from Wappingers, said that he never had to worry about it. He was the one member of the family who was(is) always warmer than everyone else, so staying warm for him in the winter months is never a problem.

What things to you do now to keep the thermostat down and your family warm? I am the one now running around with the slippers, socks, and a hoodie and have the thermostat set at 63. Is it for everyone? No. But it keeps everyone at my house sort of happy, maybe?