Some people have nice handwriting. Most of us have handwriting that looks like someone stomped on our hand before we wrote our grocery list. This guy, though... next level.There's something to be said for holding firmly to the art of handwriting in an era in which everything--everything--is typed out. Of course, if you're going to go with a handwritten approach to life, why not do it right?

Jake Weidmann, an artist and "master penman"--it's a thing, for real; there's only eleven of them--opened up the doors to his studio to talk about what it's like to be the torchbearer for an artform and a part of society that used to be so incredibly important but has now seemingly dwindled into a niche part of our culture. Seriously, when was the last time you really wrote anything out by hand? Y'know, by choice. Not because the doctor's office needed you to fill out forms. Or, in my case, because you had to sign a million autographs.

One sentence in that last paragraph isn't true.