Here at WRRV we are no stranger to talking about things that are haunted across the Hudson Valley and New York State, but a friend of WRRV, April Sudol, brought this to my attention via Facebook. 

There is a house in New York that has been legally declared haunted. Seriously, it has been. There is even a court case to prove it. The house in question is located in Nyack and the court case is one that is actually referred to as the "Ghostbusters Ruling."

According to, the house was originally built around 1900 and was originally used as a boarding house. When did the house become haunted? Well, there is no exact time line based on this article, but interesting things started happening in 1960 that (at the time) the new owners were not aware of. The owners (the Ackerly's) sort of made a type of peaceful co-existence with the spiritual entities that had been in the home.

The controversy over the home didn't start legally until the Ackerly's went to sell the home. The potential future owners, the Stombovsky family, even went so far as to putting down a deposit on the home. It was shortly after that, that the Stombovsky family was informed about the hautings that had allegedly been taking place during the time that the Ackerly's lived there. The Stombovsky's decided that the did not want to be a part of the unique history of the home and wanted to cancel the sale and get their money back.

This caused a court case, where they had to prove that the house was haunted. The first ruling was in favor of the Ackerly's. The Stombovsky's appealed and won the second court case.

Do you think that whether a house has a haunted past should be disclosed when selling a home? Do you think that if someone has died in a home that it should also be disclosed when selling a home?