Has the news world stopped turning like the "No Spin Zone"? If you haven't heard by now, TV host, anchor and best selling author Bill O'Reilly has been let go from Fox News.

Recently, the top rated host of the O'Reilly Factor has had a few sexual harassment accusations come to light.

According to The New York Times, Fox stood by O'Reilly as they settled five cases totaling about $13 million dollars. Outcry from the public and several women's rights organizations has caused tho show to lose over 50 advertisers.

Wednesday it was announced that O'Reilly was let go from Fox News.

I know that Bill has probably got a lot on his mind so I've decided to job hunt for him. Oh, and did you know that he's a Marist alumni? Let's try to get him back to the Hudson Valley.

1. Public Access Channel 6 TV Host

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that he may be a little big for such a small role. I think he'd find the change refreshing. He's a bit older so the stress levels would be greatly reduced. He can play around with some new segments and not have to worry about the ratings since his only competition would be local real estate videos and local park reviews.

2. WRRV News Intern

We're always looking for good talent here in the Hudson Valley. With his experience and extensive knowledge of  journalism, I think he'd make a great addition to our News Director, Bobby Welber. A note to Bill: we keep it casual here. T shirts and jeans are fine and we like to have fun. However, we just had our sexual harassment training so he may have to schedule a one on one appointment with our HR department.

3. Dunk Tank Clown at the Dutchess County Fair

With Summer around the corner the Dutchess County Fair will soon be here. If you're not into rides you've got to love the great carnival games. The dunk tank always steals my money. I always feel bad throwing the ball and dunking some poor shlub who's just trying to make a living. However, I wouldn't mind playing "Dunk The Punk."

In all seriousness I will miss Dennis Miller's segment "Miller Time." Sorry, I had to get that in here.


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