Is it possible for Santa to get a parking ticket? Who ticketed the big guy and where not to park your sleigh, for future reference of course. 

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Santa is getting an unwanted gift from police in one English town.  According to the "Hinckley Times" newspaper, police in Hinckley recently issued a parking ticket to a man who was towing Santa's sleigh to a charity event.  Chris Uttley says he left his truck and the sleigh unattended in a no parking zone for about one minute as he went to meet other volunteers who were going with him to the event.  That was enough time for a traffic officer to slap him with a 50-dollar parking ticket.  Uttley says the fine will likely be paid from funds that were supposed to go to charity.  The Leicestershire County Council is reviewing the ticket and Uttley's defense for parking in the zone.