We tested out the funny and controversial Tide Pod and Margarita doughty and the results were delicious.

I wish my guidance counselor told me when I was in school that one day I would be paid to eat awesome local and tequila filled doughnuts.

Diane Reeder, the mad scientist of doughnuts from the Kingston Candy Bar brought us a bunch of her specialty doughnuts to try. We made it a point to try the Tide Pod inspired pastry and the margarita filled doughnut with a shot of Patron tequila infused in the filling. Yes, that's right. There is Patron tequila in the doughnut.

Human Resources said we couldn't drink alcohol at work. They never said we couldn't eat it.

If you're in the Kingston area be sure to snag some of these delicious desserts. They can make just about anything and they always love a new challenge.