When people think of exotic pets they usually think of reptiles or spiders.  This lady collects and raises moths.

Traditional pets like dogs and cats are extremely common. Some people have fish, turtles and rodents. Some people have more exotic pets. Usually the only people who have bugs as pets are children. Kids find cool looking bugs and keep them in a jar for a few days. I had an ant farm growing up. They even sell butterfly houses online. Have you ever thought about keeping a moth as a pet.

A lady is getting viral attention for raising moths.

Do moths make good pets? They have an average life span of about 1-6 months. They eat nectar and some can grow quite large with a wing span over over 11 inches. Most moths are harmless but there are some species that are poisonous so be sure to do your research if you want to cuddle with one.

I honestly had no idea that moths even got this big. These things look like they could fight Godzilla.

The video has gained million views on TikTok.

@talalovesyouart Im here because of her. Thanks a Million!!! #moth♬ Arrival of the Birds (From "The Crimson Wing Mystery of the Flamingos") - The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Just look at these things.

@talalovesyouart In a mystical mood #chinesemoonmoth#actiasdubernardi#moth#fypシ♬ Like a Tattoo - Sade
I guess they can keep you company during the holidays.

@talalovesyouart Merry Christmoth and Happy Holidays! #lunamoth#christmas#moth#actiasluna♬ Twinkling Lights - Auni

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