Some wild and crazy things have happened on board the WRRV Cruise-A-Palooza in the 11 years we've been hosting them aboard the the River Rose. We decided to take a look back at some of top three most memorable.

1. Beer Can Crushing Guy: By far the most wild and crazy guy about the boat in all the years we've held the Cruise-A-Palooza was the 'beer can crusher' from '09. This guy came to party. Throughout his time on the River Rose, he was crushing beer cans on his head and pouring beer all over himself. Gotta have a hobby I suppose.

2. Old Guy That Nobody Knew: The year before the beer can crusher joined us, we had a creepy old guy on the boat that no one seemed to know how he got there. Here's the thing, yes he was creepy but he was probably a nice guy when sober. And yes, he had some serious dance moves.

3. That Time People Actually Jumped In The River: The photo has since been lost but in 2007 we actually had a couple jump in the Hudson River at the conclusion of the cruise. Before that we didn't think it had to be said but it does. No jumping in the river while on the WRRV Cruise-A-Palooza please.