If you're a Shark Week fan or just fascinated by the magnificent creatures, these videos are enough to make sure you get a bigger boat.

As someone who has seen Jaws about a million times I can't imagine why anyone would want to go deep into the ocean. However, I'm sure glad they do armed with only a stick and go pro recording in 1080p or higher.

It's easy to get lost and study these captivating videos as they are almost unbelievable. Though I can't be completely sure when these videos were made I decides to go with ones that were uploaded in 2017.

5. If you can take anything from this video it's if your ever in the waters near Cape Cod just stay in the boat.

4. I wasn't there but I think this dude saw it.

3. It looks fake but that is a real shark lurking around in that murky water off of the coast of South Africa.

2. How lucky is this surfer?

1. Coming in at number one and it has earned it.This recent video is going viral because it's almost just unbelievable.This one was worth the wait.

Those were the craziest ones I could find. If I missed one feel free to let me know.