Do you have any idea what it could be? Where do you think they came from? I wonder if there's more? All these are lingering questions....

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I was looking on Facebook the other day and a pretty interesting picture popped up on my feed. A Hudson Valley resident posted the picture in a local Facebook Group and they were trying to figure out what exactly was in the water. Maybe you have a better idea...

L. Seeley/Canva
L. Seeley/Canva

The creek in the picture is located off of County Rte 17 and Searsville Road in Pine Bush, NY and it looks like some kind of eggs are in. I haven't seen something like before and the "eggs" definitely have a bright and circular shape to them. A few people wrote in on the Facebook post and gave some suggestions about what they thought it could be:

Emily- "They look like snapping turtles

Ronald- "I would guess it's a duck or Canadian goose

Jim- "Probably some kind of eggs"

Izzy- "Mushrooms!!

Of course, there were a few more answers that were not serious, but there's no need to share those. It does really make you wonder what the figures are, how they got there and who they belong to.

Do you know what these mystery figures are? Have you seen them before in the Hudson Valley? Are they just eggs? Share your answers right on the station app.

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