Dog owners need to be cautious when letting their pets swim or play in local lakes and ponds.

It is summer and we all want to cool off. One of the things most of us do on hot days is go to a lake or pond. The Hudson Valley has more than a few of these places. We also have several dog owners. These dog owners may their pets with them to these water sources. Dog owners need to be extremely cautious when doing this because there is a hidden danger that many may not know about and it could be deadly for your K9.

The New York Department of Conservation released information about how algae blooms in the water could harm your pets. They report that these algae blooms could be toxic. They contain bacteria and toxins that could cause serious issues with the liver and nervous system.

If you think there are algae blooms in the water possible you should keep your dog on a leash when near the shore. Don’t let your dogs stand in the water or drink it and don’t let them lick their paws after getting exiting.

If your dog does get in the water take them out and rinse them off immediately and take them to a vet if they came in to contact with a possible toxic algae bloom.

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