Yesterday was National Cappuccino Day and if there's anything you can take away from such a joyous day it's that you shouldn't cheap out on good coffee.

Just because it's not National Cappuccino day anymore doesn't mean you can't still celebrate here in the Hudson Valley. Every day can be Cappuccino day if you want it to be. If you're a big coffee drinker you most likely have a favorite drink and a routine but I challenge you to try something different at least once a week at your local coffee shop.

If you're anything like me you may get a little intimidated when you see a coffee menu. I couldn't tell the difference between a late' or a cappuccino.

Luckily, Tanner from The Crafted Kup was able to clear some things up and tell us about cappuccino and watches Nick ruin his drink in an attempt to make a glitter cappuccino.

If you try to make your own glitter cappuccino let us know how it turns out.