Dude, look out! 

The last thing anyone expects driving down the road is another vehicle coming at you going the wrong way. According to McMath Law, wrong-way collisions are estimated to comprise roughly 1% of motor vehicle fatalities, which is about 300 to 400 deaths a year across the country.

This is what happened Tuesday, according to state police, when a driver turned into oncoming traffic during a wild chase, that ended with the suspect attempting to escape by foot.

Wrong-Way Driver on New York Interstate 

WBNG says that New York State Police witnessed a man speeding southbound on Interstate 81 Tuesday. When officials tried to pull over the speeder, the driver allegedly did the unthinkable and made a U-turn and began to travel southbound in the northbound lane, according to WBNG.

The pursuit was now on.

State Police said the driver continued going the wrong way toward the Village of Whitney Point, and then exited the wrong way off the main route. WBNG says the suspect then abandoned his vehicle near McDonald's. it wouldn't be long before troopers caught up with the 41-year-old Hogansburg man and arrested him.

Officials say he is now facing a number of charges, including charged with driving while impaired by combined drugs & alcohol,

Arrested man in handcuffs with handcuffed hands behind back

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CBS says the 25-year-old suspect from Halfmoon had somehow entered the road the wrong way back in October, and was driving southbound in the northbound lanes when he allegedly struck the truck head on. New York State police say the man's blood alcohol content was 0.19%, which is almost two and a half times the state's legal limit of 0.08%. Luckily, police say there were no injuries.

Police say the suspect has been charged with with aggravated DWI as well as other violations.

The CDC says there were 3,752 deaths in New York state from 2003-2012 involving crashes with drunk drivers.

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