The big 2-1...a huge milestone indeed.

Seeing what the hype was all about by going to the bar with your friends for the very first time...

Going into the liquor store and buying your first bottle of booze...

Getting carded and gladly flashing that ID, and the cheesy smile that goes along with it.

When I think back to my 21st birthday, from what I can remember of it, we had a great time.  It was my senior year in college (I have late fall birthday, so I was always the youngest) and we celebrated the only way you do in college, with lots of Natty, aka, Natural Light.

Well, Natty is coming through for anyone celebrating their 21st in 2020 by rewarding you with a free case!  You make the purchase and they'll refund the money. They tweeted the information out earlier this month so we did some digging, and here's the deal.

According to Thrillist:

Because Natty Light knows its reputation (and often leans into it), the brand is celebrating 21st birthdays big in 2020 by giving out free beer to anyone that hits the milestone. All you newly-minted 21 year-olds have to do is head over to the Beer Rebate site and prove your date of birth.

If 21 has come and gone for you, sadly you are not eligible for the free booze, however, you may be able to get your picture posted on their social media.

The company is encouraging everyone to share their best birthday memories on social media, too. Tag #NattyBDay and @naturallightbeer on Instagram or @naturallight on Twitter and on the 21st of every month and the beer company might just repost your celebratory pic.