We live in a society where it's okay to be a caffeine induced zombie. Whatever keeps us awake and gets us through the work day right? What if all of that caffeine is really turning us into zombies and lowering our IQ?

If caffeinated beverages were making is stupid would you still drink it or would you literally continue to drink yourself stupid? I know I would go with the latter and not even regret it. I know I'm not alone either.

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According to a new study from Entrepreneur, they polled college students to see how much coffee they drank in one day. As it turns out, they discovered that though your body may be functioning but your intelligence is decreasing.

Students who avoided coffee all together had an average GPA of 3.43. After one cup of coffee the GPA slowly diminished.

  • 1 Cup - 3.41 GPA Average
  • 2 Cups - 3.39 GPA Average
  • 3 Cups - 3.38 GPA Average 
  • 4 Cups - 3.38 GPA Average
  • 5 Cups - 3.28 GPA Average

Could this be true? I've always heard that everything in moderation is okay. It makes sense, right? You're basically a zombie if you need five cups of coffee to live. The body is still moving but the brain activity is slowly decreasing.