If you have an extra one of these stickers can you hook me up? I'm looking for investments towards my daughter's college tuition.

If you live in Ulster County and you received one of the famous 'I Voted' stickers then you might want to hang on to it because people all around the country are after them and are willing to pay top dollar.

Do you remember the sticker that shocked the Hudson Valley a few months ago? Hudson Rowan, the teenager who entered a local graphic design contest quickly became the winner and won the prize of having his design as Ulster County's 'I Voted' sticker on election night.

@toucannabanana gen z is more powerful tham we ever could have imagined #fyp #foryou #ulstercounty #newyork #ivoted ♬ original sound - Anna


Online listings don't necessarily dictate what an object is actually worth. Some listings have them listed from anywhere between $300 and $500.

What are they really selling for?

A listing on eBay shows that a New York resident sold just one of these stickers sold for $40.00 plus shipping costs.

Were you able to get one of these stickers? If you come across a roll of them you may be sitting on a goldmine.

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