Is this what happens when your wife tells you to get those old vans out of the yard?

You're not tripping. There really are little hippie busses in trees here in Wallkill. We had to find out more about the newest artistic mystery in the Hudson Valley.

If hanging these vans in trees was meant to get attention then it certainly worked. Someone first posted a photo in a local Hudson Valley Facebook group and since then the picture gained a lot of traction.

The initial post from a puzzled driver has gotten almost 500 comments and has over 300 shares. It has certainly sparked a conversation in the community?

If you haven't seen the busses in person yet then take a look here but don't go anywhere. Keep reading as we got to chat with the creative mind behind the busses.

Felix Sockwell

The display is on East Anderson Rd off of 32 in Wallkill.

Felix Sockwell

They have stairs? Keep reading.

Felix Sockwell

You have to admit that they are pretty bizarre. The crazy display is the brain child of local artist, Felix Sockwell.

Felix Sockwell

According to Sockwell, the vans were placed there about a week ago.

So why did he build this massive display?

"Firstly, and obviously, I’m an idiot. So who knows why idiots do things? I guess it’s therapeutic after 30 years being a designer/ artist for corporate America."

Felix loves busses and is a self proclaimed "bus nerd" and I guess he just wanted to share them. Have you seen these vans yet?

Someone pointed out that they would make great deer hunting stands. Maybe soon they'll be converted into Air BnB's.

It's a cool display and people are loving it.

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