Heading to college and looking for scholarships that could get you some extra money? Here is one that you might not have thought about applying for, one from The Asparagus Club.

Ok, given the name you might think that you need to be eating lots of Asparagus, but you won't need to. The Asparagus Club was started in 1909 by people who had independent groceries in common. The name (Asparagus Club) was chosen, according to their website, because a single stalk of asparagus will fall but a group of them or a club of them can stand tall with the support of the others.

The scholarship that they offer is eligible to 5 people in 2019 and it has the potential to keep going for those individuals for four semesters, provided each student meets the requirements. The application deadline is April 2019, with more information about the scholarship and its requirements here.


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