There may be good news for Hudson Valley burger enthusiasts after all.

Yesterday we reported that BurgerFi on Raymond Ave. in Poughkeepsie has been closed since March 20. Calls to the Poughkeepsie restaurant to inquire when they would reopen have been met with an announcement saying that the number has been disconnected. We also noticed that the restaurant chain's corporate website no longer lists Poughkeepsie as one of their locations. Messages to the local restaurant from curious customers have not been returned and our inquiries to both the local BurgerFi location and the company's media contacts weren't immediately answered.

All of this, along with radio silence on BurgerFi's Poughkeepsie Facebook page left us fearing the worst. But now it seems like there is a glimmer of hope that BurgerFi will actually reopen.

After our article ran yesterday we finally heard back from BurgerFi International. They supplied us with an official statement that confirmed the store was closed due to COVID-19 and "additional circumstances" that have to do with their relationship with Vassar College. While they didn't supply us with any specifics, the burger chain said that they are working closely with Vassar to hopefully reopen this Fall.

BurgerFi International's full statement is printed below:

BurgerFi International can confirm that its Poughkeepsie location on Raymond Avenue is currently closed due to effects of COVID-19 pandemic and additional circumstances that are unique to this location and its relationship with Vassar College. However, Poughkeepsie and the Vassar College communities are very important to BurgerFi and the company is working closely with Vassar College to reopen this Fall. At this time, there aren’t additional details on timing but stay tuned for an announcement when there is more to share.

This is great news for customers who have been left in the dark for the past six months waiting for BurgerFi to reopen. Let's hope any issues with Vassar College are worked out and the restaurant will once again be open for business.


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