You don't need to be a meteorologist to wonder if this was real or a mistake on the weather app.

How cold is it where you live?

These past few days in Upstate New York have been treacherous to say the least. I don't know why this type of weather always seems to surprise us but the bitter cold weather and heavy snowfall seems like it came out of nowhere this time. You could say it came out of thin air. Extremely cold and thin air.

Clifton Park is a suburb of Saratoga, New York and is just under two hours from the Hudson Valley.

This past weekend a resident in Clifton Park too a screenshot of something she had never seen before.

The weather app on her iPhone said the temperature had dropped in the negatives. Not just any negative number but -0 degrees.

I didn't go to school for meteorology and I was never very good at math but I didn't think -0 was a thing. Am I wrong?

Could it be that it was so cold that the phone was malfunctioning?

I tried to Google it and I can't seem to come up with any answers.

If I remember correctly 0 is neither a negative or positive. Do the same rules apply when we're talking about temperature? Maybe this is a job for Willard Scott. I sure hope he sees this.

I have no idea if -0 is really a number but I do know it means that it is cold outside.


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