Are those massive and endless online deals really tampering with the democratic process in our country? The USPS weighs in on the Prime Day backlash.

With the chances of Black Friday events not happening at retail stores this year more and more people will be relying on shopping online. Some are concerned that this could potentially slow down the election process. Is this true? Could this really be the case?

Since the beginning stages of the coronavirus pandemic many have questioned the safety of gathering in in groups and going to poll locations for in-person voting. Many voters who choose to escape the physical voting booth will have to rely on an absentee ballot or a mail-in ballot. As online shopping has become more and more frequent the USPS continues to stay busy. Are they too busy to handle your ballot?

According to Business Insider, some members of social media have urged for a boycott of Amazon Prime Day claiming that the huge spike in online purchases will be too taxing on the mail carriers that need to deliver them.

The Post Office denies these claims.

Business Insider also reported that packages and mail-in ballots are processed with very different equipment and ordering packages online should not negatively affect the voting process. Amazon also uses FedEx and UPS for delivery as well so there are other delivery methods if need be.

Are you choosing to go the polls or have you already requested a mail-in ballot. No matter what you choose you shouldn't let that stop you from getting some of that holiday shopping done early according to the ecperts.

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