A small van was clipped by an oncoming train early this afternoon in the city of Peekskill.

In most cases when a train goes head to head with a vehicle the end results can be horrific. Residents in Peekskill were terrified early this afternoon when a loud crash turned out to be an accident involving a car and an Amtrak train.

The incident reportedly happened at the train crossing on Hudson Avenue.

According to Peekskill Professional Firefighters Local 2343's Facebook Page, firefighters on duty at the time responded to the accident. The train appears to have clipped the front of the van.
The passengers miraculously appeared to be uninjured.
Firefighters in Peekskill added that if you  see a malfunctioning gate that you shouldn't hesitate reporting it to the MTA.
According to the fire department and other members on a community page, this is the second incident involving a train and a car to occur this year that this intersection. Some are calling for more warnings to be constructed..
According to the MTA's Twitter page, the Hudson line should expect delays.
Credit: Liz Caruso
Credit: Liz Caruso

The family inside the vehicle are extremely lucky. Train collisions are not that uncommon throughout the United States. According to Operation Life Saver: Rail Safety Education, there were roughly 846 collisions in 2018, 829 in 2019 and 675 in 2020.

New Yorkers should be on alert as we have so many railroad crossings in our state and the Hudson Valley Region. You should always be cautious when crossing railroad tracks.

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