Go see Vic live in Beacon and you can leave the bread and milk at home.

You may recognize this comedian. He has performed several times in the Hudson Valley but DiBitetto gained widespread attention and popularity through his viral videos on Facebook where he is often seen ranting or talking about current events or his everyday life.

Arguably his most famous video is the "Bread and Milk" video, where he humorously exaggerates the panic and urgency of people rushing to buy bread and milk before a big snowstorm. The video was so relatable. I think we know someone who acts like that before a possible storm. This video launched him to internet fame and he has been consistently bringing laughs on social media ever since.


Laugh it Up Comedy Club shared the news on social media last week. They usually bring comedians to Poughkeepsie but this show will be in downtown Beacon early next year.

You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

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