I've focused on kind of the hooky, power-pop influenced songs of WRRV past so far, and therefore it's time to introduce something a little more relaxed.

This song was on the soundtrack of The Waterboy, has been in episodes of a handful of TV shows including Scrubs, and will be played in perpetuity at every Class of '98 reunion of anything ever.

What's great about this video is how completely unprofessional it looks. Not in the sense of cheap quality necessarily or that they can't play their instruments, it just looks like if the guys down the hall in accounting decided to form a band as a way to kill time on a Saturday.

"Hey, my brother-in-law Kevin has an abandoned barn we can perform in, we'll use it for our video. And don't you dare tell me not to do my crazy dancing. That's my trademark, bradah."

Also, I like that the wardrobe theme is clearly "mid-70s dating game show contestant."

The most interesting thing about Everything is how blatantly their Wikipedia page was written by an associate of the band. It lists everyone who has had involvement with their career. So if you'd like to know who's in charge of their "Multimedia Light Shows," it's right there for you.

Turns out there was a more professionally-made video later:

It involves them robbing a bank for some reason until they negotiate their way into a bunch of gear so they can perform for the crowd that's assembled. It has less weird dancing but more guns, so it's kind of a push.

It's a bummer when the message of your big music video is that you have to literally take hostages to have an audience for your live performances.

Anyway, that's enough making myself feel old for this week. And as always, kids, stay off my lawn.