I unabashedly love everything about this song. I can't explain it, but then again, there are many things about this video/song I can't explain. We'll get into those. Oh, will we ever.

"Hey guys, it's me. David Blaine. On a pole. Aren't you impressed? Wait, what? He was playing BASS on a pole?!" (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)


We open with the lead singer (sporting a very late-90s facial piercing) lying--clearly uncomfortably--in a round bed. In a room full of Eastern-designed pattenry. With stringed beads as a door. Why is this guy living in a head shop?

Wait, why are these guys on poles? And are they upset that they beat David Blaine to the punch on that one, yet he got all the credit? Playing the trumpet on a giant wobbly pole is way harder than standing on one for a few days like David Blaine did.







"Hey Nick, we're ready for your guest spot!" (Photo by Amazon)

And then Nick Hexum from 311 pops in to sing the hook, apparently not in the same room, city, maybe dimension as whatever is going on with the Urge. He's also dressed like a guest star on a 1996 sitcom; the dude that the main female character dates until she realizes that she's actually in love with the main male character at the end of season 2.






"Beep beep!" (Photo by Alternative Tentacles)

And the horns--the horns! So joyous as this video becomes Big Trouble in Little China-meets-The Fast and the Furious-meets-the cover of the Dead Kennedys' Frankenchrist.


Guys playing late-3rd-wave-ska on 30 foot pogo sticks while Nick Hexum sings in an abandoned Chinese palace. Everything about this video owns. I miss this song.

Well, of course, I feel old now. Thanks for reading and, as always, stay off my lawn.