X: @harjas_singhh
X: @harjas_singhh

I had no idea the roads were in this condition.

New York received some heavy rainfall last week. I had no idea that Orange County was hit so hard.

The weather has had some harsh weather this past year.  Back in July a massive storm shut down several roads and even caused an entire road to collapse in Cornwall. We shared the insane video that captured the devastation.

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Last week it rained for days. We may need to add monsoon season to New York State. It seems like there has been more rain than any other year but we only had an increase in January, March and August according to Central New York Weather.

It's dangerous to drive in these conditions. It can also damage your car's rotors, brakes and electrical components. You should avoid it if necessary.

It Here is another crazy video that was shared online.


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