There's plenty to see in New York State, but have you heard of the 124-year old castle on its own private island? It's now open for the season.

While castles are classically found in Europe, there are a surprising number of examples in New York. In the Hudson Valley, Bannerman Island (as well as the shell of its former castle) is a popular tourist destination, and even former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is the proud owner of a mega-castle in Greenwood Lake, NY. But back to the oldest in the state...

Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands region of New York
Boldt Castle is new York's oldest castle (Lesser Known Adventures via YouTube)

New York State's Oldest Castle is Open for Visitors

Boldt Castle, a massive 60,000 square-foot structure in Alexandria Bay, NY is part of the Thousand Islands region of northern New York. Originally meant as a millionaire's ode to his wife, the castle is now owned by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority (TIBA). While Boldt Castle is open for tourism, dining, and weddings, the unique location could be an amazing opportunity to stay on an island of your own.

Visit the Thousand Islands in New York State

The Thousand Islands region offers unique opportunities to stay on privately-owned islands (below). From houses formerly owned by bootleggers to modern cabins, luxury stays are available for all types of adventures (learn more here). New York residents looking for a road trip to the islands should add one more epic stop to their route: the world's longest mountain coaster.

Whiskey Island Lodge on the St. Lawrence River
Whiskey Island Lodge on the St. Lawrence River (

The World's Longest Mountain Coaster is in New York State

The mountain coaster is located at Mt Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid, NY, the former site of both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games. The unique coaster is gravity-powered and follows the former bobsled track, sending riders one-by-one down the thrilling track (below).

Photo of the mountain coaster at Mt Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid, NY
North America's longest coaster is located in upstate New York... and it's open for the season! (Mt Van Hoevenberg via Facebook)

With the beautiful weather, roads, and scenery, there may be no better place than New York for a springtime road trip. Drivers with a sweet tooth should incorporate New York's "ice cream trail" as well below.

Road Trip Through New York's Ice Cream Trail

Did you know there's an ice cream trail here in the great state of New York? Yup. Created by Only In Your State, the trail takes you all throughout the Adirondacks, allowing you to "take in the sights of our tallest mountains and some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of New York" while licking your favorite kind of ice cream.

Hop aboard the New York Ice Cream Trail!

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