As summer winds down, nothing beats a fall Hudson Valley road trip giving you a chance to take in all the foliage. Vogue has actually given us some ideas of places to travel this fall and while we appreciate the advice, we'll stick close to home on this one.

Kingston, along with locations in Italy and Japan have been named one of 'five places to travel' this fall by Vogue Magazine. Thankfully the commute to Kingston is a lot easier than some of the other places on the list. Downtown LA can be fun but what about the smog?

Florence is the most overall appealing adventure on the list outside of the Hudson Valley and sure we'd love to check out the Setouchi Islands in Japan but wouldn't make it back in time for dinner. The Namib Desert offers some of the best stargazing in the world to go along with the opportunity to see cheetahs and hyenas but if we're traveling internationally, it's going to to to a beach.

Vogue's Five Places to travel this fall:

  • Kingston, New York
  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • Setouchi Islands, Japan
  • Florence, Italy
  • Namib Desert, Namibia

If you live there, you don't have to travel far. Will you be visiting Kingston at all this fall?

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