Have you ever stared at a payphone and wondered who the heck still uses those things? Apparently, a lot of people still do. It's hard to believe but payphones are still profitable in 2017.

Every once in while you'll come across a payphone and wonder why and how it's still there. You'd be surprised but there's actually still some good reason.

What if I told you that according to Motherboard, there are nearly 60,000 payphones still functioning in America. At fifty cents per phone call, if each phone was used just once a day the phones could bring in millions.

NYC Plans To Replace Pay Phones With Wifi Hotspots
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In the world of electronic devices where a full battery is king, residents can still benefit from using them in case of emergencies.

In 2015, payphones brought in over $250 million. You can see how many payphones have survived here. The amount of payphones that are still alive in the Hudson Valley will shock you.

Do you still use payphones? When was the last time you used one?