WRRV is looking for music from local musicians, artists, and bands to play on the radio.

There are tons of amazing and talented musicians in the Hudson Valley. We've always supported local music here at WRRV and we want to continue to do so. But to continue supporting local music, we need local music! This is where you come in handy.

If you are a local musician, artist, singer, band, etc, and have original music, please send it to us through the WRRV app. Or, you can send it to us through email at taylor@wrrv.com. We're looking for .WAV or.MP3 files. The alternative music world is expanding so if you think you fit we want to hear it. Metal, pop-rock, emo, grunge, rock, etc. If we think your song is awesome, it will be played on the air. When exactly is a surprise that we're working on revealing soon.

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If we really love your song, you might have the chance to get interviewed by WRRV. That interview could make it on-air or on a podcast. The possibilities are endless! We just want to continue supporting local in every way we can, including our local musicians.

You might not be a local musician but I'm SURE you know one. So if you do, send them this article, tell them to submit their music, and tell them they can thank you later. Don't forget to tell them to listen up for the big surprise about when their songs could be played on air.

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