I'm not a legal expert but if the altercation is over a drink I don't think her behavior be blamed on being hangry.

New Yorker's take their fast food very seriously. It must be because we're always on the go or it could be that we're always on the hunt for a good deal. According to the New York Daily News, a woman strolled into a Staten Island Popeye's Chicken restaurant and ordered only to find out that she had mistaken it for a Wendy's. I mean, that happens all of the time right?

Her mistake became apparent when she tried to order the "4 for $4" off of the menu only to find out that Popeye's does not have such a thing.

Police say she did ended up getting food but on her way out she decided to have some choice words with the employees. Then the woman smashed the window with a sign and a chair

Police are still searching for her.

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