One person in the Hudson Valley just took a video of a MASSIVE beaver. Yes, we know we said massive beaver.

If you've ever had a conversation with me about the outdoors, it's likely you've heard how badly I want to see a beaver. Not at a zoo, not in a book, a real-life, wild beaver. Yes, I'm prepared for any and all jokes you hit me with. But come on! The beaver is the New York State animal. If you're a New York State resident it's something you basically need to see.

The video shows this huge beaver crawling out of a reservoir, onto the stone. From there, it crawls down the stone, onto a small land area that has tons of vegetation and some old metal pipes. The beaver's tail just dangles over the pipes while he chomps down some milkweed and other plants. You can literally see him staring at the cameraman when he walks back with plants. While the beaver clearly sees the person taking the video, he is entirely unphased! Check out the video below.

When the beaver crawls back to go into the reservoir, he just brings his mouthful of plants and carries on with his day. It's absolutely adorable and makes me want to see a beaver even more! I'm not the only one in love with this video, comments on Facebook reached over 500. One comment said, "Wow! Had no idea they were that huge!!!" Another comment said, "That was so cool...thankbyou for sharing this...never saw one that close neat".

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