Catching a cab in Newburgh can be a real drag.

If a cab driver wants to refuse a fare in Newburgh or anywhere else for that matter then I guess that is their right. Taxi drivers have rights. According to ASG Insurance, taxi drivers can refuse to drive you for many different reasons. For example, maybe you want to be driven to a destination outside of where the driver operates, it's the end of their shift, you have an infant with no car seat, you appear to be intoxicated, you appear to incapable of paying or if you are acting disruptive.

I'm not sure how this situation escalated but someone must have seen an issue coming from a mile away because they immediately took out their phone to record.

YouTube: el chip arana

The man couldn't stay on his feet and the cab driver clearly wants nothing to do with him.

YouTube: el chip arana

And down goes the pants...

YouTube: el chip arana

If you still have no idea what's going on then don't worry you didn't miss much because this short video leaves us with more questions than answers.

A short clip was recently published on YouTube of a man being scraped across the pavement while he was trying to get inside of a can. It apparently took place in Newburgh.

The video is fittingly titled 'Things just happen in Newburgh ny' and that couldn't be more true.

Strangely enough this video is probably not anywhere near the craziest thing to happen in Newburgh this week.


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