Just about all of us think we deserve to make more money? Do we really deserve it or do we just want more and more? Will we ever be happy with what we have?

It seems like it is the American dream to always want more and to better yourself. When is it time to settle? Can we ever just be happy, coast in life and eventually just relax?

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According to a recent survey in PR Newswire, almost 90% of us feel we deserve a raise at our jobs. To be honest I am surprised that it's not 100%. Who doesn't feel like they should be compensated more?

Are the 90% of the people demanding a raise giving it 110% at work? Are they living within their means? I don't believe we are even capable of such a concept. It seems like we always want more. Even if you got your precious raise you'd probably spend over your budget and then you'd want more money again soon enough.