There are certain actors that are just ubiquitous. I mean, Ernie Hudson is in so many movies and TV shows that I forget he was in them. He's someone who really, really loves to act, and you can tell by how the man never takes a break. If you printed out his IMDb filmography, you would have enough paper to papier mache the entire North American continent (if you were crafty).

Of course, he is most well-known for his appearances in the Ghostbusters canon of movies, video games, etc. But he's also had prominent roles in films like The Crow and he played a groundbreaking character on the similarly groundbreaking series Oz.

Needless to say, talking to a man who has been a fixture of some of my favorite movies and shows was an absolute thrill. What's even better is when you find out that that person is really cool and easy to talk to.

Check out below, as Ernie Hudson speaks about why he still has to audition for roles, his thoughts on the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters film, and whether or not you can expect to see him in it.