As many in the area began week 2 of education at home, homeschooling, keeping the kids busy - whatever you are calling it, let's talk about some of the useful things that are being shared, mostly through social media, to help ease things at home.

I took some time to chat with my sister, an elementary school teacher, about some suggestions she has for keeping the 'learning' going, and she spoke about how everyday stuff you're doing in the house, cooking, cleaning, etc. can all be educational if you think about it and involve your kids in the process.  She also mentioned keeping some sense of routine or normalcy, if that is at all possible.

These times are HARD, it is ok to feel that way and you certainly aren't alone in this.  In addition to the educational side of the house, we need to get creative in just keeping the kiddos occupied, am I right?

Here's some helpful links:

Plenty of people are allowing their kids to watch more TV than they normally would, hey, it happens, especially when you, the adult, has work to do from home.  If you're utilizing Disney+ check out this activity guide to use along with the movies the kids may be watching.  Over the weekend I did a 'drive-in' movie with my daughter, let her watch a Disney movie while sitting in a giant box we decorated to look like a car - arts and crafts, movie, activity guide to wrap things up.

I pulled out my boxed up Wii and set that up, we've been doing Wii Sports tournaments and playing some serious Just Dance to keep moving.

If you have other links, suggestions or ideas, feel free to share in the comments.

We are all in this together!