Wing Wars is coming to the Mid Hudson Civic Center on Jan. 30, and what better way to prepare than to watch some YouTube videos of people performing feats of incredible hot wing and hot sauce related endurance and idiocy?

We get food here at the radio station sometimes, and people always think "Oh, the reason they can eat wings (or any other savory-type food) at 9am is because they're up so early to do the morning show that it must feel like lunch time to them."


I just like wings and could eat them at any point in time under any circumstances.

But if you're more inclined to like breakfast foods and need a little more of a breakfast vibe if you're going to eat pre-lunch wings, the guys from Epic Meal Time have got you covered:


From spicy to sweet to tangy to just plain ol' unique and interesting, you're going to find wings you love at the Wing Wars event. Some of the restaurants participating for their chance to claim "Best Wings in the Hudson Valley" include:

The Derby
Shelly’s Deli
Mahoney’s Irish Pub & Steakhouse
Brothers BBQ
The Switch Inn
The Crooked Rooster
Sal’s Place
Orange County Choppers Cafe
Handsome Devil BBQ
Mole Mole
Orange Hospitality