I sent my diploma to Natty Light and the rest is a mystery.

Back in February, we reported that Natty Light would pay you $100 to borrow your diploma. They'll send you shipping supplies, and then return it to you in the same condition you sent it. If they use your diploma, they'll pay you $100 via CashApp or check. It was stated that they were only taking a limited amount of diplomas.

So like any person with bills, I'm always looking for extra cash. I saw this and thought "Well this is an easy $100". I requested info to send in my diploma and believe it or not, I received shipping materials to send my diploma to Natty Light. I mailed in my college diploma and patiently waited for my $100.

Well the waiting continued and six months had passed and it was July. Around July 15, I decided to reach out to Natty Light and ask where either my check or diploma was. On July 22, they replied to me and said that checks for diplomas they have used are in the mail and if mine was used, I should get the $100 soon. But then, that same day, I check my mailbox and see that my diploma had been mailed back to me. No check was inside. So clearly, they had not used my diploma.

I never found out what they did with my diploma BUT I do have a theory. I think that Natty Light was holding on to these diplomas to see how long people would go without the cash/getting it back. Once people asked, they would mail it back. That is my theory and I cannot confirm it, but it seems too coincidental that a week after I reach out, it's back in my mailbox.

A Natty spokesperson reached out to me with the following statement about what exactly they were doing with the diploma rental program:

“We were thrilled with the response from our fans to participate in the Natural Light Diploma Rental Program. In fact, we collected all of the diplomas we needed so quickly that we sent back the ones we received after our quota was reached. Our original plans were to unveil something big this fall but due to the pandemic we have pushed it to early 2021. We've been actively liaising with participants due to the delays in the program and look forward to the reveal next year.”

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