November 1 and November 15, bring a lot of parking changes to towns in the Hudson Valley. Why? Each town has different rules as to when you can park overnight on the street because of winter weather. The theory is that people don't know when it is going to snow, so keep the cars off the streets, so the town or city, can clear the snow easily should it snow.

Each town will have its own dates, and times for when you cannot park on the street during the winter months, but the City of Kingston has actually laid out the definition of what a I is and with it, where you cannot park so they can get the streets cleaned.

When or what is considered a "Snow Emergency?" Most of the Snow Emergencies are declared when there has been three inches or more of snow fall. When a Snow Emergency is declared in the City of Kingston, alternate side of the street parking rules will still be in effect. However, if you are also in what is deemed a Snow Emergency Route, then there is no parking allowed on either side of the street while the Snow Emergency is in effect.

Where are these Snow Emergency Routes? According to a press release from Mayor Noble, the following streets will be affected:

  • Hurley Avenue
  • Schwenk Drive
  • Lucas Avenue
  • Washington Avenue
  • Greenkill Avenue
  • Wilbur Avenue
  • Abeel Street
  • O'Reilly Street
  • Albany Avenue
  • Broadway
  • Foxhall Avenue
  • Flatbush Avenue
  • Clifton Avenue
  • East Chester Street
  • Garden Street
  • Hasbrouck Avenue
  • Delaware Avenue
  • North Street
  • East Strand
  • Pearl Street
  • Linderman Avenue
  • Elaine Drive
  • Garraghan Drive
  • Frog Alley
  • Cornell Street
  • Andrew Street
  • Marys Avenue
  • Boulevard

Will any of these changes affect you or your family?

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