So when know you are supposed to be working and instead you type the words 'craigslist' into your browser? Yep, those times when productivity completely goes out the window.

Imagine my fascination when I came across these two beauties. Two blue mannequin busts. My first question has nothing to do with, why a person is selling them or why does a person actually have them?

The question I start asking myself is, how do I get these? Where will I put them and how will I get them home?

Come on, everyone needs blue mannequin busts in their home. As the listing says, there is nothing keeping you from changing their color. Originally these two lovelies were not blue, the current owner just had the insightful vision to re-create them for their own purposes.

Here is the entire description from the Craigslist ad:

Upper body mannequins- female and male
I spray painted them can paint them whatever color you want
In used, good condition
$50 for both