So you have two fish that you can no longer take care of the right way because when you moved your tank to its new address, the tank cracked. You can't afford a new tank, so what do you do? You try to find a new home for your beloved fish. This is exactly what one Pleasant Valley fish owner is doing.

Here is the Craigslist ad to help find these fish a new place to call home:

I have 2 fish. One is a Red Devil about 7" long. The other is a plea about 10" long. Both are healthy. They need a new home because my big tank cracked when I moved.

Keep in mind that these are not your cute little gold fish, there are photos here of the fish. Can you help this person (& the fish) out? Do you have a tank that is big enough to hold both fish? If you do, reach out to this person directly.

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