Was I the only one surprised about tonight's winter squall? I wasn't shocked that it snowed. I was more surprised to find out that I was the only one who had no idea what the heck a squall was.

Like most of the country New York is experiencing a polar vortex. We got some pretty heavy snow in some places in the Hudson Valley and I thought that was it for a little. Then bam! Out of nowhere, late this morning we were told by weather forecasters that we were getting a squall.

"What the heck is a squall?" I though to myself.

I can't be the only one wondering this.

According to the National Weather Service,

"a squall is A snow squall is an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall that leads to a quick reduction in visibilities and is often accompanied by gusty winds."

It was brief but we did get some high winds and some thick snow fall.

I'm sure it won't be the last one we get. At least the next time you'll know what to expect.