Face it. The world is full of haters. What do people hate the most in New York? Let's see who's been drinking their hater-ade.

If you're new to the online dating world there's an app called Hater. Hater is a genius app that matches you with potential mates based on similar things you hate. Sometimes hate can really bring people together.

Some examples include building the wall, social gatherings, fedora hats and apparently, Times Square. According to Buzz Feed, New York's Times Square is the most hated thing. How could this be?

Getty Images: Eric Thayer
Getty Images: Eric Thayer


Seriously? Does it really bother people that much? What about traffic, the Red Sox or even jazz music? If we're talking land marks what about the Empire State Building? That place seems like such a rip off?

What thing do you hate about New York? My vote goes to lack of parking and taxes. I certainly would blame the place where I can meet a giant Elmo that smells like vomit and a Spider-man that's wearing a fanny pack.