Why is Reusable Cloth Becoming More Popular Than Toilet Paper?
With the cost of toilet paper and the upcoming generations increasing concerns for the environment, re-usable cloth rags are becoming more and more and more common among large families. I just feel sorry for family member who has "do the laundry" on their chore list.

It seems incredibly…
The Catskills Makes Underrated Food Cities List
Did you ever think that the Catskills would make a Best Food List? Buzzfeed has been out and about working hard to find hidden gems across the US and the foodie in all of us should be thanking them. Here are the places that we should be checking out.
If Fairytales Were Real Life…
If fair tales were real would be creepy!
It's like the people at Buzzfeed are in my brain! As many time's as I watched Disney fairytales growing up I knew they weren't accurate but not because Prince Charming doesn't exist but rather the situations just aren't reali…

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