If you're going to do Halloween right this year and give out some sweet treats you had better get to the store and buy some of the good stuff.

Halloween is always the last day in October. You should not be surprised at this point. Did you not notice your neighbor's giant inflatable zombie?

Halloween Candy
A. Boris

If you're going to hand out any candy this Halloween you'd better run out and go stock up on your candy sooner rather than later. Candy is expensive, I get it but you have to at least need to hand out one bag. There's no need to break the bank though. If you're not going to pass out any candy this year you may need to park your car in the garage so it doesn't get egged.

According to Ibotta, the average american spends almost $40 on candy every year. We hope that it's for the trick-or-treaters but it could be for your personal dish.

Candy prices are the cheapest today than they will be before Halloween.

It is expected that bags of candy prices will increase by 42% by Monday so hurry up and grab them.