If you're not a huge fan of the show you may have missed this mention. Did anyone catch this Hudson Valley name drop?
For years I've been of fan of the show Louie. It wasn't until I moved to the Hudson Valley when I realized how close Poughkeepsie is to New York City. It's only natural that it could come up in some of the episodes that's based out of the city.

Regardless of what your opinion is about Louis CK based on recent events you've got to admit that he showed some Hudson Valley love in his series on FX.

One of my favorite moments in the series takes place during season 6 when the veteran actor, Charles Grodin plays Louie's cynical but insightful doctor. Take a look as Mr. Grodin educates Louie about life and coyotes in Poughkeepsie.

There's another mention of Poughkeepsie in an earlier season long with some other TV shows here.