I'm watching everyone climb dozens of milk crates. I can't be the only one wondering where the the heck they call came from.

If you spent even the smallest amount of time on the internet last week you most likely saw the newest challenge on Tik Tok. It's called the Milk Crate Challenge and it's sweeping the nation. If you haven't seen any of the videos they feature the challenger climbing empty milk crates that are progressively stacked higher and higher. The object is to make it across the stacks without falling down.

Most often the challengers fall down which make it hysterical. I know it's dangerous but these videos are pretty fun to watch.

Many are going as far as saying that this is the newest extreme sport.

One thing that I cannot help but wonder when I watch these videos is where these challengers got all these milk crates from? It's a legitimate question.

I think I have seen about 2 milk crates in my entire life. Where are these challengers finding so many of them?

Did they raid a grocery store's dairy aisle?

I'm not saying you should try to attempt the Milk Crate Challenge but if one were going to do so where could he or she find a ton of milk crates in the Hudson Valley?

I feel like Stewart's would have quite a few but maybe I'm wrong. do you keep them or are you supposed to return them afterwards? What do people do with a milk crate?

Will these ridiculous challenges bring a crate shortage soon?

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