So you are one of the few people in the world who has a Galaxy Note 7 that has so far not caught fire, nor has it started smoking in your pocket. Since Samsung has asked all customers, who purchased the Note 7 to return it due to these hazards, some customers have decided not to do so.

This week, yet another travel/transportation company has said that, out of precautions for their customers and equipment, they are now banning Galaxy Note 7's from all aspects of their company.

This company? Amtrak. Yes, going forward you Note 7 users (hanger-oners) will not be allowed to bring your phone on board any Amtrak train, nor will you be allowed to have it on the platform, stations or buses.

In case you missed it,  a few weeks ago, the phone has already been banned from all US flights by the FAA. Now, this week, the phone has been banned on all international flights too.

No word if the phone has also been banned in the WRRV Studios. Has your employer asked you not to use the phone or bring the phone to work? Is there a reason that you have not exchanged the phone yet?